• Making ISO images using DiskDigger

    Are you aware of creating ISO images by using DISKDIGGER, Aren’t you?  Then have a glimpse at our article. The article is all about creating an ISO file from any CD or DVD. An ISO file is a copy content of an optical disk like a CD or DVD. If you want to back up the disk’s contents simple you can make ISO images of a disk. After a while, you can burn the ISO file you created onto a new disk, which will become a facsimile of the original one. 


    • Insert the CD or DVD disk from which you would like to create the ISO file. Then launch DiskDigger, select the CD/DVD drive into which you inserted the disk, and click “Next”.

    Generally, DiskDigger permits you to select between “dig deep” and “dig deeper” modes. However, since CDs and DVDs don’t have partitions recognized by DiskDigger, it will only allow you to select “dig deeper” mode, so click “Next” again.

    When the DiskDigger starts scanning the disk, the file which is found for the first time is ISO file that represents the contents of the disk. After finding the ISO file you can click on the “pause” button to stop scanning. 

    For saving the ISO file, first, you should have to select it and click the “Save Selected Files” button at the top. Next, you have to select the location where you want to save. 

    Disk Digger will take a while for saving the ISO file. After that, you can navigate to the directory you specified for saving the file, and check it whether the file is there or not.  

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